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IntervalWorld.com and MORE for your next Timeshare Exchange Vacation

interval international

intervalworld.com resortVacation ownership and timeshare exchange can take you and your family on some of the most exotic, fun, and exciting vacations of your life. Millions use timeshare exchange and IntervalWorld.com to enhance their vacation each year. IntervalWorld offers over 3,000 timeshare resorts to choose from for your next timeshare exchange. But this year, come to TimeshareJuice and choose from over 4,500 timeshare resorts to exchange your timeshare. And not only do we have more resorts to choose from but you’ll save money, too. That means more cash to spend while on your next vacation.

What is Timeshare Exchange.

Timeshare exchange is the ability to trade your timeshare week with another timeshare owner. With over 5,000 timeshare resorts worldwide, your vacation possibilities are almost limitless. Enjoy an amusement park vacation in Orlando, gambling and nightlife in Vegas, the beaches of Hawaii, and culture of the Far East in Thailand.

How does IntervalWorld.com work?

As a member of IntervalWorld, you’ll pay an annual membership fee of $89 per year. That gives you access to the website and catalog to search. If you find a timeshare you like, you deposit your week in the IntervalWorld bank and select resorts you would like to withdraw. You then pay $199 fee for each exchange.

How does TimeshareJuice.com differ from IntervalWorld.com?

  1. Our service is completely online. You won’t need to wait on hold.
  2. We have 4,500 resorts to choose from where IntervalWorld only has 3,000.
  3. Right now, we have no fees. You’ll save over $300 in fees to use towards your vacation.

Timeshare exchange is an exciting feature of timeshare ownership and can enhance your vacation memories like never before. How you exchange your timeshare is completely up to you. It’s your money. Use it wisely.


Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,650 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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RCI.com Alternative

timeshare exchange free vacation

RCI.com timeshareToday, over 8 million people own a vacation timeshare. Vacation Ownership is available at over 5,000 resorts in 100 countries worldwide. Timeshare resort developers include Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations, Disney Vacation Club, Four Seasons and more. Rather than visit the same timeshare resort over and over, timeshare owners can swap weeks with other owners allowing them to enjoy vacations at other resorts and vacation destinations. That process is called timeshare exchange. The leading timeshare exchange company is RCI (RCI.com). As a direct result of the new web technology and the social networks available, new alternatives exist for timeshare owners looking to trade vacations.


RCI was founded in 1974 as a way for a small but growing customer base of timeshare owners to exchange their vacation ownership weeks in one central system. RCI founders began by organizing the available weeks in a shoebox. Eventually the system went online allowing RCI customer service agents the ability to view all the available inventory to inform members on the phone of what timeshares were available. In the mid-2000’s, RCI launched RCI.com making their catalog available via the Internet. That gave members the ability to view resorts online, deposit their timeshare in the RCI Bank as well as make a request for exchange.

Timeshare exchange is an added benefit that vacation owners have over owners of homes. Timeshare owners can leverage their ownership to travel the world by swapping their week with other owners of vacation. This offers owners the added flexibility of trade along with using their timeshare at their home resort and renting it to make income. It’s no wonder the ownership community is so large and continues to grow.

Timeshare Exchange Alternatives

RCI.com members frustrated with their current level of service are now in luck. There exist viable alternatives to RCI and Interval International. TimeshareJuice is a website offering owners the ability to exchange timeshares in an entirely new way. Utilizing their trusted social networks and user-ratings, owners can make offers and complete their timeshare exchange online. For those that have used Facebook, it’s just as simple. We all trust our personal network for ratings, reviews, and suggestions so why not for the actual exchange as well. We are more apt to swap timeshares with someone we know than a stranger. And if we can save money, why not, right?

Right now, TimeshareJuice is a free service offering free membership and free exchanges. Timeshare owners are always looking for a way to save money by reducing fees. Timeshare owners, although educated and wealthy, have very little control over the exchange process today. With little control comes customer frustration.

Timeshare owners are a dream demographic. Vacation owners are college-educated, own their own home, make over $75,000 per year and have disposable income. What’s not to trust? And with the resorts handling the check-in process and security for the entire vacation, timeshare owners using the new system experience carefree trading.

The Network vs. the Middleman? Can a network of timeshare owners be a more effective and efficient timeshare exchange system than the middleman, RCI? The RCI.com system is based on middleman dynamics where the control and power reside with RCI. RCI determines the value of your timeshare and that determines what timeshares you are eligible to trade for. Owners don’t connect or communicate in any way. Although the “middleman” structure has been removed from most industries and markets, it is still alive in vacation ownership.

RCI.com vs. The Owner Network: Which Timeshare Exchange System Will Win?

Can a timeshare exchange system comprised of a network of vacation owners be more effective and powerful than a middleman corporation? Are owner written ratings about resorts more important than single source ratings from companies like RCI?

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Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,600 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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Best Sights to See in Kauai Hawaii (Vacation)

kauai beach

(reposted from www.timesharejuice.com/blog.php)

My husband and I were in Kauai in October (on a timeshare exchange). I read this great article about what sights to catch when we were there. It was really helpful.

Na Pali Coast – This is the north shore of the island. The scenic views and the snorkeling are awesome. You can’t access Na Pali from land. If you want to see it, you must fly or take a boat. I recommend both. I can recommend a couple of services 1) Wings over Kauai and 2) Captain Andy’s sunset cruise. Both are well run.

Waimea Canyon – It’s called the “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon is 10 miles long and 3,600 feet deep. If you want to see mother nature at her finest Waimea Canyon is the place to go. I highly recommend renting a convertible and driving up to the canyon. The drive is just spectacular with breathtaking outlooks, rainbows, switchbacks and much more. The drive up takes about 45 min to an hour depending how many times you stop.

Polihale State Park – This state park is off Kaumuali’i Highway. It was highly recommended in the article and it turned out to be worth it for sure. It’s way on the west end of the island. The views from the beach are spectacular and the beach is gorgeous. Keep in mind the road to get there is a bit rugged but we were in a jeep so it was fine. It is the nicest beach in Kauai in my opinion.

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Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,600 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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Kids Free San Diego in October – Timeshare Rentals Available

sell a timeshare

san diego grand pacificI’ve been meaning to share this information with you about Kids Eat Free in San Diego in October. We are actually headed to San Diego this weekend to enjoy some family time. For the month of October there are over 100 places that offer free kids meals. As part of the promotion are 5 great timeshare rental opportunities. These timeshare resorts all have over sized rooms at less than the cost of standard hotel rooms. Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can indulge in more space and extra amenities like Jacuzzi tubs and full kitchens.

During the entire month of October 2012, families with children can enjoy special deals at more than 105 San Diego hotels, restaurants, attractions, museums and transportation companies during “Kids Free San Diego” Month. Providing families an opportunity to save during budget-conscious times, “Kids Free San Diego” Month offers a variety of “kids free” incentives, ranging from complimentary meals, attraction admission and Amtrak rides to welcome amenities at area hotels and much more.

Consistently rated one of the top family destinations in North America, San Diego is home to world-class family attractions, abundant arts and culture, family fun eateries and hotels and popular activities likes surfing, whale watching and golf. As the summer beach crowds diminish, visitors to San Diego in October can relish in the region’s sunny weather and warm temperatures and enjoy a number of fun-filled fall activities. Below are highlights of the first-ever, annual “Kids Free San Diego” month.

Here are a few timeshare resorts available for rent right now in San Diego:
Grand Pacific Resorts at Coronado Beach Resort

Learn more about Kids Free October Promotions

Are you headed to San Diego this month?

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Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,600 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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How Does www.Interval.com Work for a Timeshare Owner?

www.interval.comYou are looking for www.Interval.com to find a great vacation because you own a timeshare and you are looking to exchange your timeshare for another timeshare (or interval) at one of 5,000 timeshare resorts.

Interval (or timeshare) exchange can greatly enhance your vacation options by offering you 5,000 different timeshare resorts that you can trade for at over 100 countries around the world.

How www.Interval.com Works

Interval owners have the ability to deposit their interval week into an “interval bank” for deposit and then choose another available timeshare interval at a different resort. Depositing and withdrawing an interval week consummates the interval exchange.

Interval.com Exchange Fees

As a member of www.Interval.com, you’ll be assessed annual membership fees of $89. When you do want to exchange and find a property that you like, you will pay about $200 for that transaction. The first step is to deposit your interval week. Once it is deposited, you select from the inventory week that you want to choose. Once you choose your interval exchange, then you pay the exchange fee. If the week is not available right now, you’ll pay the fee and wait for the week to come available.

Interval.com Alternatives

Interval International has been around for 25 years. It’s biggest competitor is RCI.com, around over 30 years. Online interval competitors have emerged. Our service, Timeshare Juice offers a completely automated interval exchange service.The Timeshare Juice web application helps you located potential exchanges of your interval this year…and it’s all free right now. Come give the new timeshare exchange a try.

Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,650 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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RCI Lawsuit Settlement Rocks Timeshare World

rci lawsuit settlementThe rumors are true. I actually got word the other day from one of our Timeshare Juice members. Our member received a letter in the mail stating that the RCI lawsuit settlement was completed and being one of the millions of plaintiffs, they are eligible for a small sum of money. This RCI Lawsuit Class Action Settlement is for U.S. members only. This follows a similar settlement a couple of years ago for RCI timeshare members in Europe.

Learn more about the RCI Lawsuit in the US. Read the member post about RCI Class Action Settlement. Information about the RCI Class Action Settlement in Europe

RCI Lawsuit: The Beginning

The RCI Lawsuit accused RCI of renting weeks that owner-members deposited into their system for the purpose of timeshare exchange. RCI, claiming that they own the timeshare weeks deposited, state that they have the ability to use the weeks as they see fit. Owners claim those weeks are actually part of the “timeshare bank” that should be available for them to withdraw weeks for vacation.

Over the years, after mounting rumors, owners began to get suspicious of the alleged scam because there was rarely enough available timeshare inventory to complete a trade they wanted in the RCI system or RCI.com online website. As more owners complained, some took to the web and wrote blogs about the ordeal calling for a class action lawsuit. During the discovery process, RCI refused to open their books for inspection by the lawyers. In the end, RCI admitted no fault or wrong doing and settled the case for an undisclosed sum of money.

RCI Lawsuit Settlement

This RCI lawsuit settlement affects literally millions of timeshare owners over the years. Although the sum of money each participant in the suit will receive is small (many consider it paltry considering the years of abuse and wasted money on timeshare exchange membership fees), many timeshare owners feel a sense of victory for having their claims made public. For you, the victorious timeshare owners, we cheer. Congratulations!

Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,650 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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Timeshare Exchange: You Have 2 Options for Trading

timeshare exchange optionsI bought my timeshare over 10 years ago and I still remember sitting down with the salesperson and learning about timeshare vacations. Timeshare travel was completely foreign to me at that time and I’m still learning today. I remember towards the end of the discussion he mentioned “timeshare exchange“: the ability to trade a week at your resort for another week at any of the 5,000 resorts worldwide. What a concept! I could go anywhere on vacation. I didn’t care too much about it at that time because we really loved our timeshare resort so much and I couldn’t think why I would want to go anywhere else. But what he did tell me sounded pretty good. Little did I know how it really worked. What he also left out was that there is another way to exchange timeshares. That would have been helpful but I eventually figured it out anyway. There are 2 options when it comes to timeshare exchange.

The first option is the most popular and widely known; it’s called Timeshare Exchange Club. The timeshare owner joins one or more timeshare exchange clubs to trade their week each year. They deposit their week and withdraw another from the community bank of weeks. The most well-known companies are RCI (see RCI.com) and Interval International (see Interval World). RCI has over 3 million members and Interval International has over 2 million members. If you are a member, you are required to pay an annual membership fee of $89 and then when you want to exchange your timeshare, you have to deposit your week (relinquishing your right to that week) and then pay about $200 for the actual transaction. Once you pay, you can choose which resorts and weeks you want to vacation at. If the week is not available, you have to wait for it to come available but you always have to pay in advance. If your trade does not happen, you can get a refund of the fees paid.

The other way to exchange timeshares is called “Direct Timeshare Exchange” and was not told to me when I first purchased my timeshare. I figured this out over time. This is when two members meet and exchange their timeshare weeks with each other; no exchange club involvement. Timeshare owners that utilize direct timeshare exchange save money (no annual membership fee or transaction fee) and have more flexibility to trade for any resort and any week. There are no imposed rules from the exchange club and no waiting on hold. The big drawback is “selection”; Your options for exchange are limited if you don’t know enough people. This is why we built TimeshareJuice; to connect the 8 million timeshare owners to connect and utilize each other’s timeshare weeks.

There you have it. Those are the two ways to exchange your timeshare and travel the world. Go and explore!

Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,650 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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Best Things to do on a Seattle Vacation

timeshare vacation tipsWith Winter upon us, it’s nice to look forward to a Summer trip. While it is not one of the more popular Summer trips, Seattle is a great destination for the Summer. The Winter rain will bring lots of greenery this Summer. The blue skies and white mountains along with the vibrant greens are just around the corner for Seattle-ites. Here are a few ideas our members suggested on what to do and what to eat while in Seattle. There are a few timeshare rental opportunities in the area but mostly swanky hotels for accommodations.

Seattle, known for its beautiful natural backdrop has some of the best sunsets you will see. Surprisingly, members didn’t suggest the “Needle” first and foremost for the top view of the city. They suggested you opt for the Columbia Center Observation instead. Not only is it less than half the price, but the views are better and it won’t be as crowded. And for the best sunset at dinner, try Salty’s on Alki Beach which is known for a killer seafood brunch buffet but also a killer sunset view. Some members said it was the best in Seattle.

Having a large waterfront and shoreline is certainly a natural asset for Seattle. We suggest you take a boat ride and explore this part of Seattle.Head over to Bainbridge Island and spend a relaxing day walking around and enjoying the sights. You’ll take the Bainbridge Ferry to cross the Puget Sound. For about $7 you get a round-trip and lots of wonderful views of the city skyline and shoreline. Be sure to take it off hours so you miss the commuters coming to the big city each day. Seattle, a city known for its coffee, is also home to some great food. Many members suggested the restaurants from Tom Douglas over and over. We heard that so much that we are making a point to meet this guy. The restaurants “Lola”, “Dahlia Lounge” and “Serious Pie” were mentioned as his best.

A local legend, “Top Pot” donuts, is located downtown and was featured on the hit show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”. Although the donuts and pastry are delicious, I found it to be a little pricey. Many people didn’t rave about the coffee, I thought it was good. The donuts and pastry are fresh and your kids will love watching them being made watching through the window into the kitchen. Be careful, these donuts are addicting.

Keep reading – part 2 of Best Things to do on Seattle Vacation

Best Things to do on a Seattle Vacation (Part 2)

Cont’d from Part 1 Seattle Best Things on Vacation

timeshare vacation tipsFor a fun, fast, and delicious lunch head over to “Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria” where members raved about having the best pizza in the Seattle area. One member, a NY native, said they can rest after finally finding a pie that was as good as the NY pie. Make sure you make your way over and enjoy a large pepperoni pizza and garlic knots. The service is friendly and fast.

Seattle is also home to some of the more authentic pubs you’ll come across. Quinn’s Pub is a favorite. Located in downtown I enjoyed a great burger, a cold local beer, and an authentic local pub experience. You’ll have your choice of lots of local microbrews to choose from. Sit next to the window and watch the people on Pike Street.

By now everyone has seen the “fish tossing” guys on TV on one show or another. The media loves to show these guys getting a fresh delivery of fish and throwing it 15 feet to a buddy so they can catch it and lay it out on ice for ready customers. You can’t say you went to Seattle and didn’t see the “fish tossing” guys at Pikes Place Market. Bring your appetite because it’s your chance to enjoy an enormous variety of food and an authentic local experience that is not duplicated anywhere. Walk through the local merchants selling unique arts and crafts and make your way down the cobblestone street to the “fish tossing” guys of Pike Place. These guys have become local celebs and have appeared on quite a few TV shows for their “toss and catch” skills.

Seattle is mostly known for its rain, coffee, and Pearl Jam but for a memorable and enjoyable vacation we suggest you make the trip. You have your choice of trendy hotels or timeshare rentals for your accommodations. Whether you rent from RCI.comMarriott Vacation Club or a private owner you’ll find your stay in Seattle to be like no other. It is rich in history, in great scenery and in its wonderful food.

Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,650 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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(Caution: Using TimeshareJuice might cause you to laugh out loud. Your family will wonder what you’re up to.)

Is RCI.com the Dinosaur of Timeshare?

rci.com timeshareFor over 30 years RCI has completely dominated the timeshare industry – RCI is the 800 lb gorilla of timeshare. They wield more power than any resort club, timeshare developer, owner group, ARDA and certainly any timeshare exchange company. They have more clout, more members and inventory and more cash than anyone in the industry. But has the Internet and a consumer base reliant on mobile devices and the Internet made RCI.com obsolete? Have new timeshare alternatives made RCI.com a prehistoric dinosaur rather than the 800 lb. gorilla?

In developing our web tool for timeshares, we spent countless hours interviewing timeshare owners about what their needs are, how they use their timeshare, as well as how technology has changed the way they use their timeshare. It told us one thing for sure, things have changed. RCI.com was created many years ago and has never really changed the way they do business. Owners call it archaic and out of touch with their needs. But for so long, they were the only game in town. Not anymore.

RCI.com feedback is mostly in 3 main areas:

  1. Timeshares are flexible, so should the tool be. When you bought the timeshare, you had visions of taking your vacation to a new level. Luxury! Flexibility! Fun! With timeshare, you not only have the option of staying at your home resort (of course) but the ability to trade for other timeshare resorts (timeshare exchange) as well as participating in timeshare rentals and making some money with it. So why is it that there is no tool that helps you do both and maximize the flexibility of your timeshare.
  2. Costs are out of sync with value. RCI and Interval charge $100 per year just to be part of their club whether you exchange every year or every 3 years. That’s out of touch with the times. Then they charge you nearly $200 to make the exchange and yet there are still more fees after that. And that’s only the exchange option. What are you getting for all those fees? Is the service you get really worth $300? To list your timeshare for rent, Homeaway is a popular option. Homeaway and other vacation rental sites charge you over $300 to list your timeshare for the year. That’s just for one week of ownership. So much for making any money, right? Ownership has become expensive. No wonder resale prices are so lousy.
  3. Easy and simple is expected. Google changed search and our expectations forever. It was about simplicity and ease of use. Facebook made it so easy to connect with a friend and say something that everyone can read. That is what we expect now. If it’s not easy to use we close the window and move on.

The world has changed. We not only use mobile technology but depend on it. It’s how we communicate and how we transact and how we travel. Alternatives to RCI.com are emerging with better tools and better pricing. Has the Internet and mobile devices made RCI.com a dinosaur?

exchange timeshare

You can exchange and rent your timeshare faster and easier than ever.

To learn more, download the free eBook “Make Money with Your Timeshare” or get started today by listing your timeshare for rent and exchange.

Best Timeshare Rentals in Hawaii

hawaii rentalsOnce people know I work for TimeshareJuice, they usually ask where the best places to stay are on vacation. They want the best value. Hawaii is invariably on the list of top destinations. I encourage travelers to investigate timeshare rentals for their next vacation. Timeshare rentals offer you more space than a hotel room as well as better amenities like kitchens and Jacuzzi tubs. And most of the time, they are less expensive than hotel rooms. Timeshare rentals offer great value and are popular amongst traveling families but are also a great fit for couples. Hawaii is actually made up of 4 different vacation islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island) but there are 8 in total. Here are 3 top rated resorts on the islands of Hawaii.

On the island of Kauai, one resort that continues to get great ratings is the Pono Kai Resort. Located on the east coast of the island, members rave about the plush green setting and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll feel like you are a million miles away from home. You’ll also enjoy lots of free amenities like mini-golf, tennis, croquet, and lots of activities for the kids. The food is high quality with prices that are reasonable for Hawaii.

When you are talking about the best timeshare rentals on Hawaii or any destination for that matter, the name Marriott Vacation Club always comes up. One of the most popular resorts for Marriott is the Kauai Beach Club. The first thing that will grab your attention is the authentic island feel. The resort is decked out with colorful trees and flowers from the island. Make your way to the back of the resort and you’ll find the biggest pool of any resort in Hawaii with waterfalls and hot tubs to enjoy the weather and scenery. Speaking of scenery, it doesn’t get much better than this. Your scenic landscape is comprised of a beautiful and very clean beach, the gorgeous colors of the ocean and plush green mountains in the background. You’ll find people meditating on the beach. The Marriott Vacation Club is known for having quality service and the Kauai Beach Club is no exception. The attentive staff is friendly and makes you feel at home.

For our third and final resort we jump across the Pacific to the island of Hawaii. Some call it the Big Island because of its massive land mass making it the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands. Famous for Kona coffee bean that grows and is roasted on the island, this island places fourth in overall vacation popularity. The King’s Land is a timeshare resort from Hilton Grand Vacations. Hilton Grand Vacations is in the Top 5 for having the most timeshare owner members in the world. The King’s Land is popular for having a fully equipped kitchen and washer / dryer in each unit. If you are lucky enough to grab an oceanfront suite, you’ll enjoy some of the finest views in all of Hawaii. The pool alone is 20,000 square feet of fun featuring 4 water slides, a lazy river, a whirlpool and a children’s sand beach. Website members rave about the personal touch offered at the King’s Land.

Timeshare rentals offer tremendous vacation value for families as well as couples. Not only is there more space but in-unit amenities like full kitchens, washer and dryer, and balconies to enjoy some amazing views. And these timeshare rentals are no exception to that. These timeshare resorts are rated amongst the highest in all of the 8 main islands that comprise Hawaii. They are rated high for service, food, accommodations and overall vacation value. On your next vacation to Hawaii try a timeshare rental for better value and better memories.

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Best Timeshare Rentals in Florida for Vacation

florida timeshareTimeshare rentals are now widely recognized as preferred vacation rentals over hotel rooms for families travelling together or couples.

Not only are they larger in size offering families more space on vacation, have better amenities, but are also lower cost. It’s not hard to see why the timeshare rentals business is growing so quickly. But with 5,000 timeshare resorts to choose, which timeshare rentals are the best?

Rather than read the reviews of paid writers, we went directly to timeshare owners and vacation travelers and asked them for the best timeshare rentals in Florida. In the Miami area, the Hilton Grand Vacations at South Beach was rated the highest. Travelers loved the close proximity to the beach as well as they felt the rooms were large and included great amenities.

Find more great Timeshare Rentals in Miami.

In the Palm Beach area of Florida, the resort that had the highest rating was the Palm Beach Resort and Beach Club. Travelers enjoyed the clean resort, the views of sea life directly from the resort, as well as the proximity to the beach.

Find your own timeshare rental in Palm Beach, Florida.

Lastly, let’s head over to the timeshare rentals in Marco Island. The top resort, as far as “Juice” is the Eagle’s Nest Beach Resort. Members enjoyed the nicely decorated bungalows/rooms and high quality service of the staff. In this day and age of fast paced life, people still enjoy quality, attentive service. Resorts, are you listening?

Read the rest of the reviews for the Eagle’s Nest as well as other Timeshare Rentals in Marco Island.

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Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,600 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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Rent Your Timeshare and Make Some Money

timeshare rentalYou’ve got that timeshare and you didn’t use it. It’s costing you money so you are considering just selling it. Even if you get half of what you paid, that’s still good, right? Well, you won’t get half and the process of selling your timeshare is going to drain you mentally and physically. It’s not fun and if you don’t look out, there’s companies that are waiting in line to make promises to take your money.

You can make money with your timeshare but it’s not by selling. Renting your timeshare is not only easier than selling your timeshare but it’s more fun. And if done right, it can provide income for many years. So put on your Marketing Hat, it’s time to promote your timeshare and make some money!

Once you figure out the basics of how to list your timeshare and decide on a website to use to list it, the real fun comes in.

Here are a few important points when you are listing your timeshare for rent.

1) Highlight the best features – What excites you, your wife, and your family about your timeshare. I bet each of you would say something different. Ask them and write it down. For example, it might be the oceanfront view, the fantastic happy hour festivities poolside, the Jacuzzi tub or maybe the Kid’s Club that your children look forward to the most.

Now that you have that information, create your listing title highlighting those features. Here are some examples:

    • 2BR Aruba Villa. Drink coffee & gaze @ ocean from your private balcony” – Doesn’t that just take you right to a great relaxing vacation moment?”


  • “1BR large oceanfront villa with Jacuzzi. Make margaritas in the room


    • HUGE 2BR incl living room, Jacuzzi, and full kitchen

2) Be an expert – People are more apt to buy from you if they think you are an expert on the topic. We all seek expertise when we buy. We value that. It’s why we research the product first. So show them how much you know about your timeshare, the resort, and the area.When you list your timeshare for rent, be sure to include some personal notes offering valuable tips and information. Here’s an example:

Don’t got to Joe’s Tiki Bar, it’s over priced and average food. You are better off at Bendi’s Blender which is down the street. They have a great Happy Hour with 1/2 priced drink and Buffalo Wings. The food and drinks are great and you’ll fall in love with the personal service. They make you feel like a local that comes all the time.

3) Be clear on the offer – Lastly, remember to make your offer clear. Don’t assume they know what 10,000 Hilton points are. They don’t. Most owners don’t. Put the offer in terms that they can understand. If you are offering points, tell them what the points convert to.

This timeshare is flexible which means that I can offer you 4 nights during the high season (June – August) or 10 nights during the Winter  season (November through February).”

Listing a timeshare rental might seem uncomfortable at first. You might feel like you are in unchartered waters but it’s only because it is your first time. I promise, once you learn the basics, you’ll be acting like an old pro and you’ll want to help others do the same. You can do it. If you have questions,drop us a line.

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Best Timeshare Rentals for Aruba Vacation

aruba timeshareThe island of Aruba is not only a vacation oasis but if you’re smart you can find some great values on accommodations. Located in the Caribbean, this island sports a heavy Dutch influence that’s evident in architecture and culture. I noticed the food doesn’t have that influence but influences do include Caribbean and Mexican. If you are planning a trip there, consider a timeshare rental rather than a hotel room. Not only will it offer you more space and more amenities but you’ll spend less money. And these days, everyone is interested in saving a few hundred dollars. Here are three timeshare rentals in Aruba that you don’t want to miss.

Our first resort, La Cabana Beach and Raquet Club, is a favorite among members and one of the most highly rated timeshare rentals. Located right off the beach, this resort offers a quick walkway right onto the nicest part of the Aruba beach. The La Cabana Beach and Raquet Club offers nightly live music at Happy Hour (4-7) featuring different styles of music and varying drink specials. La Cabana renovated all the units in 2009 so you’ll enjoy large amenity-rich rooms too.

Our second resort for timeshare rentals is the Beach Villas at Divi Phoenix. This Aruba resort not only features a wonderful exercise facility to work off all that wonderful Caribbean food and drink but also features a gorgeous beach side restaurant for a romantic evening dinner. The Divi Phoenix is also strategically located with public transportation with easy access to the downtown area for shopping and dining. Enjoy the unique Dutch inspired architecture of the downtown area. Certainly bring your cameras to catch all the vibrant colors.

When you are discussing quality timeshare rentals, no conversation is complete without Marriott Vacation Club. Third on our list is Marriott Aruba Surf. The Marriott Aruba Surf Resort offers the high level of service and high quality accommodations that we have all become accustomed to at Marriott resorts around the world. The Marriott Aruba Surf is no different. Members rave about the warm welcome and focus on service from beginning to end of their vacation. The resort also features a great relaxing poolside retreat with luxury pool and delicious cocktails. And when you want to venture out to the downtown area, you’ll find easy access to the bus and you’ll find it only costs $1.50 to get their.

As you can see, these timeshare rental resorts are not only highly rated by travelers around the world, but also feature some great amenities perfect for families traveling. These resorts are not only on the beach in a great setting, easy on the eyes, but also easy on the pocketbook. Timeshare rentals will not only have you staying in luxury accommodations but also saving 30% on your bill. Now that’s what I call smart travelling.

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November 15, 2011 Juiceletter: Ricky Bobby and chocolate cake

Turkey Month is finally here!

Hello and welcome to the mid-month edition of the Juiceletter. If you are new to TimeshareJuice, I want to send you a warm welcome! It’s truly great to have you here.

talledega nightsI’m going fast again! - Ricky Bobby, Talledega Nights

To be honest, our website was really slow over the last week and we want to apologize. I know it must have been frustrating for you but it was frustrating for us as well. I think I aged 2 years over the last week. As difficult as it was, we were able to fix it and there was absolutely no data loss at all. We are going fast again!

The website is really performing well now and will continue to improve over the coming months as we continue to make improvements. Many of you have written in about the website performance and downtime. Activity on the website had caused the system to be strained. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you all for hanging in there with us.

Hide & Go Seek

During this past week when the website had performance issues, I was really frustrated that we couldn’t fix the problem. I was losing sleep over it. One day I was working on trying to solve it and my son (he’s 2½) asked me to go outside and play Hide and Go Seek. I couldn’t resist. So we went outside and I hid and he found me and then he hid and I found him. We did this over and over. We laughed and laughed so hard. I felt great; so great that I had forgotten the issue with the website. For that entire hour I had completely forgotten about it. What a great lesson I learned about life and how we put undue stress upon ourselves at times. From now on, when things get stressful I am going to get outside for a game of “Hide and Go Seek”.

Blogs You Might Have Missed

Feel free to share your thoughts on timeshare or timeshare travel. Here are some recent ones you might have missed

Update on the M&M Contest

It was great to get emails about how excited you are about the contest. I’ve heard some great ideas so far about what you are going to write about and some of you are going to create videos describing your vacation. If I were entering, I would do the video. It’s much easier to do and everyone loves to watch videos. We’re looking forward to seeing yours. Just write or make a video about a great vacation you’ve taken. Make it fun; make it informative… The M&M Contest.

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3 Rockin Las Vegas Timeshare Rentals

las vegas vacation tipsWhether you are headed to the bright lights of Las Vegas with your girlfriends, your family, or as a couple you probably want to know the best place to stay. And we don’t just want the best place but the best value too. Most visitors are trained to call the Mirage or MGM Grand for their hotel room rate but let me give you an inside tip on finding real value in Las Vegas. Timeshare rentals offer more space, more awesome amenities and a lower price than any hotel room you might find. And renting a timeshare is so simple and you won’t have to pay all those nasty room taxes that mysteriously appear on your bill when you check out. If you want to rent a timeshare, I suggest you rent directly from the timeshare owner for the lowest fees. Here are three hot spots in Las Vegas that you don’t want to miss.

One of the largest timeshare resort developers in the world is Diamond Resorts. Not only have they developed many world class resorts but they have acquired quite a few and made them even better. The Polo Villas Towers is one of those. Members tell us that the spacious and newly remodeled rooms have King-sized beds and flat screen TVs with DVD players in each room. That’s right, there’s more than just one room when you have a timeshare. This is not a hotel room where your bedroom doubles as your kitchen and living room. You don’t have cramped quarters with this timeshare. Members rave about the helpful staff here and the location is perfect to experience the famous Las Vegas Strip. Check out the Diamond Resorts Polo Villas Towers

The Tahiti Village also sets up shop on Las Vegas Boulevard. Located about a mile south of the well-known Mandalay Bay, the Tahiti Village is designed like a tropical paradise with a beach sand pool and a lazy river to sit back, relax, and float in the sun. The rooms are designed as suites offering a Jacuzzi tub, washer and dryer, and full kitchen for making a batch of your world famous margaritas for the party. Members like the fact that you are close enough to enjoy the shows and festivities that Las Vegas has to offer but you are far enough away that you can sit back and enjoy the peace of not being on top of it. Go enjoy a spacious timeshare rental for your next trip. Check out the Tahiti Village

Another timeshare resort that offers all of the fun of being in Las Vegas is the Hilton Grand Vacations located on the Las Vegas Strip. This resort has the added benefit of being brand new and offering many wonderful amenities as well as an address on the Las Vegas Strip. Timeshare rentals at this Hilton can be hard to come by due to the excitement of it being so new. The resort does offer a large pool and health club facilities if you want to workout during your vacation. The rooms are large and clean and easily accommodate a family of 4. And you are an easy walk from the Fashion Mall and the Wynn if you want to try your hand at the $10 slots. If you are having a hard time finding a place consider renting from a timeshare owner. If you are a timeshare owner from another resort consider a timeshare exchange to get to Las Vegas. Check out the Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas, Nevada offers many vacation activities such as shopping, amusement parks, world-class shows, and of course gambling. It is also easy to get in and out with the airport easily accessible from all the resorts. Although most visitors are in the habit of renting a hotel room for their stay, timeshare rentals are a better alternative for an upgraded accommodation as well as some cost savings. Renting a timeshare will have you feeling like a Rockstar with all that space but fits well within most budgets. These 3 timeshare resorts are sure to make you leave wanting more Vegas and more Wayne Newton.

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Guiding Principles for Selling A Timeshare

sell a timeshareToday there are 8 million timeshare owners at over 5,000 resorts worldwide making the timeshare niche a large and profitable segment of worldwide travel. Timeshare destinations range from Orlando to Fiji to India and many more. Timeshare can provide wonderful vacations for you and your family. Unfortunately, some owners need to sell. If you are in the spot I offer you 3 very important tips before you try your hand at selling your timeshare. Please know that selling your timeshare is no easy task. There are many timeshares on the market (supply) and not much demand which means low sales prices. So before you make any decisions that you’ll regret, please listen up.

Timeshares are sold.

Please keep in mind that “timeshares are sold, not bought”. This means that most people don’t go out looking to buy a timeshare like they do when they buy a car. Through giveaways, incentives and sometimes aggressive sales tactics, timeshares are sold to the consumer. Many had no plans to buy but came home from vacation with a timeshare. So if you are planning to sell your timeshare, you might need to explore similar options like this to unload it. The other thing to understand is that timeshare salespeople are heavily incented to close sales. If they don’t close sales, they don’t make very much money at all. So if you are going to use a company or agent to sell your timeshare make sure they are equally as hungry as you to sell it. That means never paying them any money upfront for taking you on as a client. If they sell the timeshare, have an agreed upon fee that you pay them (flat or percentage of sale). But no matter what they tell you, never pay an upfront fee. They might tell you that they have a buyer “lined up” or that the fee you are paying is only a deposit and it’s refundable. Don’t listen to it. Hang up the phone. Once they have your money, you are stuck.

Value of Timeshare

The second tip you need to understand is how to value your timeshare. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have as much value as you think. The rule of thumb here is that your timeshare is worth ½ as much as you paid as soon as you bought it and 1/10th of what you paid when you are trying to sell it. A good way to gauge the market prices is to check EBay or another online marketplace. You’ll learn the inconvenient truth which is that it’s not worth as much as you thought. The price depends a lot on your situation. If you cannot afford the payments or maintenance fees, you might be more inclined to sell it for whatever someone is willing to pay. There are many people in this situation which is why prices are so low. For example if an owner from Diamond Resorts (a large timeshare operator) needs to sell because they lost their job and can’t afford the yearly maintenance fees then they are probably willing to just give it away because they can’t afford to keep it.

Timeshare For Sale Website

The final piece of advice is where to sell it. I suggest you start by selling it on your own. It will cost you very little to try that out. You’ll get an education as to the market and that will help you if you ever decide to choose a salesperson or company. You’ll need a few things before you list it. You’ll need a snappy title and description that is short and to the point but also informative and enticing. You’ll also need some pictures. The next thing you’ll need is a website to list it. I do not have a website that I can recommend to sell your timeshare. I have not heard positive experiences about any of them. A good idea in a situation like this is to ask for a referral from a friend. I honestly think that you are better off considering timeshare exchange or timeshare rentals as a way to use your timeshare and obtain some value from it and even put some money in your pocket. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Selling a timeshare is no easy task. Many have tried and very few succeed. I’ve outlined some tips to protect you and protect your wallet. Most of the time when people are selling their timeshare, they are desperate. They are emotional and when that happens, they do silly things like paying people to sell their timeshare. In the end I think you are better off trying to exchange or rent your timeshare and get value from it that way. Either way, I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful vacation this year.

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Singapore Timeshare Vacations – Culturally Rich And Delicious

singapore waterfrontA favorite vacation destination for millions every year is a small country located in Southeast Asia called Singapore. Most known for its dense population and opulent spenders, Singapore has much to offer. Although it is only 710 square kilometers you’ll find a wide variety of art and sports available. 

It is also known for its beautiful landscape and delicious food. This makes it a wonderful vacation destination whether you are traveling as a couple or bringing the kids to explore this Eastern Culture.

Singapore is an industrial giant and the second busiest port in the entire world with over 1 billion gross tons handled at their port. Getting around such a crowded city might seem like a chore but Singapore has modern transportation system mostly out of necessity. This system includes roads, taxis, buses and 80 different airlines connecting it to over 200 cities worldwide. For leisure you can also travel the heritage trails to learn more about the city and its rich history.

Eating is a big part of eastern culture and that is also noticeable in Singapore. It is a melting pot of different cultures which makes their food unique and delicious. Some local specialties that I recommend for every visitor is Bak Ku Teh, Lor Mee, and Chicken Rice. You’ll find many enthusiastic vendors willing to serve you all over the city.

The Singaporeans (is that a real word?) love sports and some of the most popular are football, basketball, and cricket. They have a strong affinity for water sports such as sailing, kayaking and water skiing. Scuba diving is also quite popular. And right off the island of Pulau Hantu in the south is known for great scuba diving with its rich and colorful coral reefs.

Looking for a great place to stay in Singapore. If you’re an owner, timeshare exchange might be just they way to get there for free. Not an owner? No problem. Singapore is home to large and well-decorated timeshare rentals in high demand area like the waterfront.

The Marina Barrage on the Southern part of the Marina Bay Region is an ideal location to visit. It’s a great place to enjoy the landscape of Singapore (best in the evening for the sunset) and a great place for families to relax and have a picnic. Marina Bay Singapore has a wonderful website to learn more about features and attractions.

For the art lovers, you’ll feel at home in Singapore. The government of Singapore has been focused on making the city a cultural center. In the 1990s, the government began promoting Singapore as a centre for arts and culture, in particular the performing arts, and to transform the country from being only known as a commercial port into a cosmopolitan gateway between the East and West.

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Timeshare Rentals in the Top Fashion Cities

timeshare rentalsSo you are one of those people that wears the hot new styles? You read through the fashion mags picking out outfits that you will actually buy. You always seem to be at the peak of style. So where does someone like you go on vacation? Well, you should go to cities that embrace your style; cities that love style and clothing just like you.

My heart will always be in Manhattan no matter where I live. I call it “The City”. I used to live on the Upper West Side in between Lincoln Center and Central Park West. There’s always fun to be had but there’s always extra fun during “Fashion Week” in February. Not only is it jam-packed with energy but you’ll get first shot at seeing what’s going to be hot for Spring and Summer. There’s also parties, glamour and models. You’ll experience great fashion at the clubs, bars, the Broadway shows as well as walking down the street. What do you wear? Well, the competition is stiff so you’d better be perusing the top fashion mags but donning classic black never goes out of style. There’s no city like The Big Apple for fashion and fun on vacation. If you are visiting on vacation you’ll need to find a fabulous place to crash. Great timeshare interval rentals are smart options for upscale accommodations but lighter on the wallet. They can be found mostly in mid-town at places like the Manhattan Club, a short cab-ride from the downtown bar scene.Not a timeshare owner? You might be able to grab a timeshare rental.

My second favorite is in Spain. I was able to visit for the first time years ago. I remember walking through the airport and bumping into Enrique Iglesias (an up and coming popstar at the time). Madrid is not only jumping with art and museums but you’ll see the latest fashions being worn right there in town. Madrid has Fashion Week during September and the city is jamming with cosmetic party company parties everywhere from rooftop to out in the open in city parks. We were invited to Museo Chicote, a cocktail bar for the fashionistas. The city shuts down for siesta during mid-day and then comes alive at night with singing, dancing, and drinking into the wee hours. Rather than trendy hotels, some escape to nearby Marbella for timeshare resorts like Diamond Resorts, Marriott Vacation Club, and Hyatt.

Stylish city number 3 is last by no means. I was able to visit to study in school years ago for the first time and we had so much fun. Copenhagen is most known for not only legalizing a certain drug but embracing it with bars that serve it. But it is also a fashion target with buyers from all over Europe visiting for the Fashion Week in August. Get over to Bar Rouge at the SKT Petri for fun all week. As a result of the massive amounts of buyers from all over the world, the fashion ranges from styles all over the world but Danes have their own unique style of dressing in layers with loosely tailored designs.

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Was there a Broken Promise at Disney Vacation Club

A new article on MSNBC today starts off like this:

disney vacation clubWe recently purchased 350 points in Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s timeshare program. New members of Disney Vacation Club are given help with their first reservation, and salespeople can go into Disney’s cash inventory, if necessary, to get a better selection.

About six weeks ago our salesperson promised to help us with our second reservation as soon as we had our dates decided, because we had booked our first reservation on our own.

When we called, we found out he is on indefinite medical leave, and were directed to speak with another salesperson about the reservation. The second salesperson said she couldn’t help because Disney only offers to help on the first reservation.

Read the rest of the article MSNBC Article on Disney Vacation Club

Does anyone have any experience booking time with DVC or is currently an owner with Disney Vacation Club and would like to offer up their experience?

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Best Fall Festivals in Southern California

fall festivalsHalloween is my favorite time of year in Southern California. There’s so much to do outside with family and friends and the stress of having to buy 157 gifts is not present. It’s just about getting together and having a great time. The colors of the landscape are wonderful and the change of seasons is special to watch.If you’re in the southern part of the California, here are some great places to celebrate the beautiful time of year. 

All aboard the Pumpkin-liner in Fillmore, CA. This train ride is a throwback to the early days of the United States. This historic train ride in Southern California is a favorite for kids and adults. We don’t think about riding the train anymore outside of commuting in New York City. It’s too slow and we live in a fast-paced life now. But that is unfortunate because this train ride is about an hour of enjoyment with family and friends in the scenic landscape of Southern California. You get to enjoy the views of Mt. San Cayetano and the Topa Topa Mountain, the Fall-induced changing landscape, and views of avocado orchards and pumpkin patches. The actual passenger cars are actually from the 1930’s and 1940’s with original combustion engines from the 1950’s that have been slightly modernized for efficiency. The 1920’s-era business district greets visitors as they turn off of rural Highway 126. Fillmore is in the heart of The Heritage Valley, where travelers find themselves steeped in the history of local farming families and rich in agricultural treasures. This throwback in time is not to be missed.

Lombardi’s Ranch is a family favorite for all of us in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California. Every year we make the short pilgrimage to Lombardi’s Pumpkin Patch to enjoy roasted corn, live music, a fun corn maze, scarecrows created by local kids, and of course tons and tons of pumpkins. Grab a handmade wheelbarrow and get pumpkin shopping! Family owned for a century, Lombardi’s supports the local families and farmers with locally produced produce and crafts.

Calabasas is most known for its reality-TV celebrity family, the Kardashians but it should not be overlooked for the pumpkin festival. Calabasas is not just about big homes and expensive cars, it is also a family-oriented town to live in. And this pumpkin festival is about bringing the families together but don’t expect to see Kim and the Gang working the front door. Calabasas Pumpkin Festival offers reptile and nature shows, live bands, contests for kids, an inflatable ride and giant slide, carnival games for kids and adults and a one-of-a-kind car show on Sunday. This is not just for locals but good to know for a California Vacation.

The Fall Season and Halloween is a great time for families without all the stress of buying gifts and running to the mall for shopping. Roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin lattes, and caramel apples are special treats. We spend a lot of time together as a family but it’s a lot of quality time and laughing. For great family time together these festivals offer the best of the best in California.

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How To Exchange Timeshare Points Instead of Timeshare Weeks

exchange timeshare pointsOne of the more popular questions I get asked by timeshare owners is “How do I exchange Points rather than weeks?” Points are a more complex way to own timeshares than the traditional fixed week program. The answer is that it’s not much different to exchange timeshare points than it is for weeks. Here’s how.

What are Timeshare Points

Think of timeshare “Points” as timeshare currency. An owner of points redeems them for a specific amount of “time” at a resort rather than just the standard fixed week. And just like a dollar can get you more value when you rent hotels in the off-season, the same holds true for points.

A specific amount of points (e.g. 10,000) can be redeemed for a week during “on-season” and perhaps two or even three during the “off-season”. Another option is rather than being redeemed for a week of time, they can be redeemed for 2 or 3 weekends of time. There are more combinations that points can be redeemed for. Just use your imagination on the different options to redeem point. But you get the point that points can be a flexible option for vacation ownership.

How to book time at a resort using points:

To redeem your points, you simply call your resort and book the time that you want to vacation at the resort. Some resort vacation clubs (e.g. Marriott Vacation ClubWestgate Resorts, and Disney Vacation Club) will allow you to redeem those points at different resorts; each resort having a different rate chart that buys you different amounts of time. Confused yet? Yes, points can make you dizzy at first but once you get the hang of it you can possibly have more flexibility to vacation. What most people don’t understand is that since there is no deed exchanged when you purchase timeshare points, resorts can sell almost an unlimited number of points. Owners that are unable to use all their points, can typically roll them over to the next year.

How to exchange timeshare points

When you want to exchange timeshare points, the first thing you want to get your arms around is knowing exactly what your points can be redeemed for (e.g. 1 week at Resort A, 4 days at Resort B, 1 weekend at Resort C, 2 weeks in this date range at Resort D.) It varies depending on the time of year, the resort, and the days of the week you want. So write it down. When you want to trade, you need to make it clear to the other member what exactly they can get. It might be clear to you but it is all new to them.

The next thing you want to do I learned from members of our website. It all comes down to good marketing. Find out the most popular destinations that people are looking for. Then write down one or more resorts from each location that you can offer for exchange. Then create a listing for each resort you can offer. Since potential trading partners search for a potential trade or rental by the name of the resort or the destination, create one listing for each resort. Make sure it is clear on each listing what you are offering (e.g. 7,000 points at Resort A). Also make it clear what those points can be redeemed for (a week during this date range, a weekend during this date range, etc.)

There are over eight million timeshare owners around the world at over 5,000 timeshare resorts worldwide. It is estimated that only fifteen percent of owners purchased points. Although timeshare points can be a little confusing to use at first, many owners insist it adds a lot of flexibility to their vacation each year.

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Great Golf Destinations For the Golf Enthusiast

golf vacation suggestionsEvery weekend thousands of golf enthusiasts get out to courses all around the world and thousands more watch golf on TV. Golf resorts have become a vacation theme for thousands each year. Some play for competition, others for exercise and others for relaxation. If you’re looking for some unique and different golf experiences, here are some resorts that will thrill the golf enthusiast in you.

Some golfers like a course with history and stories. Others prefer new modern accommodations. Our first resort offers the best of both worlds. Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California is a wonderful blend of both. Being a newly renovated resort means the accommodations and amenities are great but the 100 year old trees make the grounds gorgeous and incredibly unique.Low customer ratings rocked this resort for some time and pushed them to overhaul the rooms. Ratings have risen and the resort is popular again offering two 18 hole golf courses for golf enthusiasts. In the Napa area we can suggest the Vino Bello Resort.

For our next golf destination we head down south to San Antonio. An area that is mostly known for the Riverwalk and top notch mexican food also features a wonderful adventure in golf. The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa offers 2 complete 18 hole courses with panoramic views of 750 acres of plush landscape. Keep in mind that this resort is set apart from the center of town and the downtown Riverwalk. Being further away from the action allows you to spend more time at the top-notch spa for massages and treatments. Marriott Vacation Club are perennial ratings winners each year on websites like Intervalworld and rci directory. In the San Antonio area we suggest the timeshare resorts Wyndham Riverside Suites.

The state of Nebraska is known for many things like football, corn, and being friendly but it is also known for the Prairie Club in the Sandhills Region. The course offers unmatched scenic views and some very competitive golf. Most golfers don’t think to head to the Midwest for a golf outing but this trendy resort has not just one but two 18 hole courses as well as a 10 hole practice course. And the grounds are completely unique from anything you’ve played on. Golfers are surrounded by windswept prairies and dunes and tended to by expert caddies imported from all around the country. And during your stay you’ll love being catered to by a Midwest friendly staff for all your needs. Golfers claim this is the best golfing in North America.

The sport of Golf has captured our attention and mesmerized us on the weekends for years. Golf enthusiasts are always looking for new exciting courses to play on and great companions to play with. Although these resorts might not be the highest rated in the country they do offer some of the most unique and special golf outings for golf enthusiasts in the country.

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(Caution: Using TimeshareJuice might cause you to laugh out loud. Your family will wonder what you’re up to.)

October 15, 2011 Juiceletter

We’re already half-way through October! Can you believe it? Some of you are already into Fall and temps have dropped. Here in SoCal we hit 95 degrees yesterday.

I am finding more time in my schedule lately after the Yankees got knocked out of the playoffs. Next year, right?

In this mid-month edition of the Juice Letter, I just want to cover a few things. First off, things are really rocking now with offers flying and trades are really picking up. Best of all you are referring TimeshareJuice to friends like never before. Great job!

Member Survey:
Please take a minute to answer a quick question about your timeshare. Tell me what month you typically get around to booking your timeshare for the following year. Thanks!

Here’s what’s popping at TimeshareJuice:

New blogs are always popping up on the website. Here are a few of the newer blogs. Enjoy!

As always, if you have a great timeshare story, experience etc, please share it:

Freshly listed properties…

This is obviously just a partial list but I continue to be impressed with the quality of the properties available on Timeshare Juice. I remember reading critics on the Web say that Timeshare Juice would never attract high-quality timeshares to exchange. Hmmm, so much for that!

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Best Tips Before You Buy A Timeshare

timeshare sale ownerThis year, another 400,000 will lay down their hard earned cash for a timeshare. This will bring the total number of timeshares owned worldwide to over 8 million. You might be one of those 400,000 that already purchased. If so, keep reading. If you sat in on a sales presentation recently and considering the purchase of a timeshare, this article is definitely for you. Learn as much as you can about the timeshare industry and how timeshare works.

Learn about timeshare exchange and what resorts you can trade for as well as how you can rent out a timeshare for cash. Most buyers are surprised that they bought a timeshare because they never knew they were considering it; It just happened.

Tip 1 Timeshares are sold, not bought.

That is an industry adage which means people don’t go looking to buy a timeshare. They just end up being talked into it. Timeshare salespeople are very skilled in highlighting the pros of owning a timeshare and overlooking or downplaying the rest of the information. It all sounds so good when you are in the chair listening to the presentation. You and your spouse are relaxed and sitting in a beautiful resort and you’re on a stress free vacation. Everything is just perfect. How could you not be an owner, right? You would be missing out if you passed up the opportunity. Timeshare can be a good purchase for the right person and if you understand all the facts you will avoid buyer’s remorse which is common after most large purchases. Here are a few of the most important points to consider before buying a timeshare.

Tip 2 Buy A Brand

The first thing you need to understand is that at the moment there is little opportunity to ever sell your timeshare once you buy it so its best to understand that timeshare is a long term purchase. So if you are going to buy, you should stick with the brand names of the business. There’s Marriott Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Club, Diamond Resorts and others. Owning these names might not enable you to sell but you will certainly be in a better position than buying a non-brand. You’ll pay a little more but the benefits of ownership are better and if by chance you ever need to sell, this is more than likely the only chance you have of recovering any of the purchase price. All of these brands are well-known consumer brands so they instant recognition and established trust to another buyer. Owning at a club such as these also provides benefits of being able to vacation at resorts within the club. Of course, if you are buying you shouldn’t be focused on selling. You should be thinking about the pleasure of being an owner. But it’s always good to consider the entire picture.

Read more about what to learn before you buy a timeshare.

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Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,600 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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3 Great Day Trips in Southern California

There is literally so much to do in SoCal for fun it can honestly seem overwhelming when you think about it. We actually have a list that we keep adding to in our house. It’s on our fridge. If you are visiting for the week, there are a lot of different options for fun. So if you are feeling overwhelmed with what to do on your vacation week, have no fear. Admittedly, most SoCal residents haven’t done it all yet. Here are a few things that make great day trips that won’t disappoint you whether you are traveling as a couple or as a family.

Zuma Beach

Most people think of Malibu first when they think of the beach in Southern California. It must be “Barbie” or “Mel Gibson” that does that. But Zuma Beach has got it all and a favorite amongst the Californians. Located right next to Malibu Beach, this part of the California Coastline is the quintessential SoCal beach. It’s got great waves and surf, great views of the ocean, dolphin that swim by the shoreline, and million dollar homes behind you overlooking the ocean. It’s very family-friendly and very safe. Bring a cooler of food and drink and have a family picnic. I caution you against bringing alcohol as the police have been known to inspect bags and will most definitely write a ticket. Stop by the local Sunset Restaurant and have a delish fish taco, a California specialty. Zuma Beach is located just about an hour from the Disney Vacation Club in Anaheim for a fun and family-friendly accommodations.

Vazquez Rocks

Remember the “Flintstones” Movie? Well, that wasn’t quite that memorable but it was filmed right here in SoCal at Vazquez Rocks. vasquez rocksVazquez Rocks, named after the famous bank robber’s hideout from the law is a wonderful natural rock formation for hiking, picnics, and horseback riding. At peaks you’ll have amazing views of the area. And the hikes through the canyon are a lot of fun. Be sure to bring a camera because you’ll want to capture these views for the future. As a bonus, get here to watch the sunrise. And on Easter, you can catch a wonderful church service at sunrise.

Valuing a Timeshare for Sale

There are just so many timeshares for sale at the moment. Before the recession got really bad there were quite a few for sale. And the sales cycle with timeshare is longer than most big ticket items. If you are considering selling your timeshare, one of the first things you need to do is figure out how much it is worth. This can be overwhelming and a tad depressing so let help bring some light to the subject of timeshare sales.

“Timeshare is real estate so it appreciates”

You bought a house 20 years ago and it has appreciated (even after the real estate crash is factored in) so why wouldn’t your timeshare go up in price the same way? That kind of logic makes sense but just not here. Timeshare values have rarely appreciated in value over time. The price of timeshares sold from the resort developers has gone up over the years but not the “value”. Those two prices should be the same but they’re not. So unfortunately this way of determining a value is just not going to work. Timeshare is just not your typical market.

“I paid $20,000 so I’ll sell my timeshare close to that”

That’s not going to work either. I’ve heard people blame “big marketing costs” for resort developers as the reason for overly inflated purchase price and why resale prices are so poor. That’s partially to blame. All real estate has marketing costs factored in but not as high a percentage as timeshare.

“My timeshare is selling for $20,000 from the developer right now so that’s the correct price.”

I wish that were true as well. If you think that makes sense then you’ll use the most recent sales price from your resort. You’re thinking that 2 houses of the same size in the same subdivision would be priced similarly so should my timeshare. You are certainly well within your rights to try that but I don’t think you’ll get very far. It just doesn’t work that way in timeshares. You can prove this very quickly by calling your resort and asking what they will buy it from you for.

“Oh no, my timeshare is selling for $500 on EBay!”

The last and most practical method is letting the market decide. This works for almost everything from iPods to Ninja Turtles to timeshares. The biggest market you have access to is probably EBay. You can reach millions of people and potential buyers. The problem is that the going prices for timeshares are enough to give you a heart attack; that should tell you something. The problem is not that you don’t have a big enough market to advertise your timeshare on because you do. It’s not that timeshares are no fun and a waste of money because that’s not true either. The problem is the poor perception and value of timeshares, timeshare exchange companies, and the timeshare industry overall. Timeshare struggles with having a positive review outside this timeshare world. Unfortunately, this is the most feasible way to derive the sales price for your timeshares.

It’s always about value and how much value the customer perceives  the timeshare problem comes back to “value perception”. Let’s admit it, timeshares have a lot of baggage. The timeshare industry has corrupted or allowed corruption of this product . Not every company has had an active part but some companies have and others have sat idly watching this not saying a word because they were making money. So why should you rock the boat, right?

selling a timeshareOnce the new timeshare buyers get a reality check on the constant barrage of fees, the headlock-like clauses and use rights, the rules from resorts and exchange companies (RCI timeshare and Interval International), they get shaky in the knees. If the industry would stop trying to abuse the customer and squeeze every last nickel and dime out of them perhaps the industry could garner a positive reputation. It’s simple and no different than any industry. If the industry focused on how to bring more value to timeshares then timeshare values would rise. At the end of the day, perceived value is the only thing that will continue to drive up prices.

In summary, selling your timeshare is no easy feat. I suggest dropping the idea of selling. It’s depressing. Try timeshare rentals or exchange. You’ll put some money in your pocket or trade for a great vacation. You’ll have more fun with this and it won’t cost you anything if you know what you’re doing.

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Surfer’s Paradise Australia for a Gold Coast Vacation

surfer's paradise australiaParadise in Australia. The combination of the warm sun, the great food, and the awesome hospitality of the Aussies make it a vacation to plan for. Whether you plan to vacation here as a romantic couple or with the kids, we have you covered. I compiled the best tips from all the community members and give them to you right here in this article. There are even wonderful Gold Coast Accommodations to be had. Be sure to tell us how you enjoyed these recommendations for Surfers Paradise.

Surfers Paradise is located on the Gold coast of Australia in Queensland which is in the north region just above New South Wales (on the Gold Coast). Surfers Paradise is just south of Brisbane all the way on the eastern coast almost in the center of the Australian coast. The beach is clean and fun. Don’t be surprised if you spend half your vacation at this wonderful spot. You can watch world class surfers battle some of the most challenging waves in the world. The beach area has wonderful shopping and restaurant opportunities as well. Our members raved about “QDeck“. Go visit QDeck when you spend the day at the beach. Have a drink and an appetizer and gaze 360 degrees around. The restaurant is the highest point in the area and you get 360-degree views from the surf and beyond.

If you love Asian-fare, the members recommended “Wassam” . Members rated it high because of the incredible flavor of the food suggesting you try their “special” fried rice and the scrumptious sushi.

Perhaps you are in the mood for Italian food when you’re there. Have a hunkering for some pizza or pasta and meatballs? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Head on over to “Alfresco“. Members raved about the great pizza, stuffed mushrooms, and lively atmosphere.

Perhaps after consuming some high calorie dinners, you’ll want to dance off the calories. For some great nightlife mingling and fun get over to the Beer Garden for live music and some beer drinking . Members said the music is loud and the dance floor was quite lively. This might not be your place if you want to sit, relax and talk about the day’s events and great sites . If you are looking to have a rocking time, the “Beer Garden” is your best bet . The Aussies are very nice and fun people and they love life!

If your “Bucket List” doesn’t contain Surfers Paradise, I strongly recommend that you add it. The Aussies are wonderful hosts to vacationers from all over the world. Their warm hospitality combined with beautiful scenic views and great food makes this a vacation spot that you shouldn’t miss. And the Gold Coast Accommodations include Sun Island Resort are just wonderful; hey, you might find a Marriott Vacation Club there one day, ya never know. It’s your chance to practice that Aussie accent that you have (oh come on, you know you practice that in the mirror). Maybe you find a great resort to rent on a website for timeshare rentals (to be fair, RCI offers them too). Surfers Paradise has you covered whether you travel as a couple or as a family. Until you’re able to make your way “down under” we’ll be sure to “throw another shrimp on the barbie for ya!” (see, we are doing our Aussie accent right now).

Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,600 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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(Caution: Using TimeshareJuice might cause you to laugh out loud. Your family will wonder what you’re up to.)

Timeshare Rentals Beat Hotel Rooms and Vacation Rentals Every Time

private vacation rentalIt still surprises me how few people realize that they can rent a gorgeous timeshare for vacation rather than a privately owned vacation rental or a hotel room. Not only are they nicer but less expensive. I think it’s as simple as they just don’t know that timeshare rentals is an option. The advantages of timeshare rentals over a hotel room are more space and more amenities and less expensive. The advantages over privately owned vacation rentals is an option. The advantages of timeshare rentals over a hotel room are more space and more amenities and less expensive. The advantages over privately owned vacation rentals  is the location of the resort is superior and there’s no risk for renter or owner; it’s a professionally managed. I honestly feel that given the option between the three, a prudent consumer would choose timeshare rentals.

  • Timeshare Rentals are bigger. They clearly have more space to offer than a hotel room. How can you compare a hotel room (studio) with a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or even 3 bedroom timeshare villa? That space comes in handy whether you travel as a couple or with kids. Space is King on vacation.
  • Timeshare Rentals have more amenities. The hotel room offers you that pitiful little fridge that most of the time doesn’t even keep anything cool. I used to put ice in the bathroom sink to keep my drinks cold – how sad! The timeshare rental has a full-size “real” fridge to go with a full kitchen with all the utensils to cook meals and prepare frozen drinks to enjoy on your balcony. That’s right, a balcony. Depending on your location, you can overlook the beach, the lake, the mountains or snow-capped mountains. Another common amenity is a hot tub or Jacuzzi tub inside the unit. A hotel room with a hot tub is like $1,500 per night and Lady Gaga gets those.
  • No Annoying “Surprise Fees”. The hotel room is advertised at $129 per night. That’s reasonable. Then you get the bill and it’s $154 per night with all the taxes and “fees” (I tell you, sometimes they just sound made up, don’t they?).
  • No Security Issue with Timeshare Rentals. I don’t want to overstate the Airbnb issue (#ransackgate), but it brings to light a real risk thatvacation renters and vacation owners have. Vacation owner risks include the vacation renter vandalizing your property. The vacation renter takes the risk that they arrive and there is no place to stay – they were duped. Or they arrive on the door step with their wife and 3 kids and the place is not as described and no one wants to stay there. Not a great way to start off the family trip. You don’t have those issues with timeshares.
  • Location, Location,..(well you know the last one) – Timeshare resorts occupy the most prime vacation real estate in the world. They are on the beach, you can walk out and ski, and on or very near the amusement parks. Private vacation rentals could be anywhere. And how secure is the neighborhood you are staying in. You could end up anywhere. Timeshare resorts have a professional security team patrolling the property.

timeshare rentalCities Banning Private Vacation Rentals. No, not for any of the reasons I stated above. It’s more about tax revenue and playing nice with big business. Cities like NY, Chicago, and then there’s Maui that are shutting the door on private rentals. Personally I don’t agree with it. It’s a misappropriation of government power and a reflection of the over-sized influence of Corporate America on government officials (don’t get me started) but it is what it is. These new laws do not affect timeshare rentals but do affect private vacation rentals on sites like Airbnb and Homeaway.

The good news is that the timeshare numbers are growing. It’s about time that timeshare rentals got their due. They are bigger and better than hotel rooms and less expensive and don’t have the inherent risks of private vacation rentals. Once we get the word out, I think timeshare rentals will have a bigger share of the vacation rental market as more consumers realize the true value of a timeshare for vacation.

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Join thousands of timeshare owners from around the world. Exchange and rent timeshares from 4,500 timeshare resorts. It’s fast, fun, and free!

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(Caution: Using TimeshareJuice might cause you to laugh out loud. Your family will wonder what you’re up to.)

Airbnb Home Trashing: Vacation Rentals & Risk Management

airbnb home trash

vacation rentalsAirbnb, a website for vacation rentals, recently announced that a user of their site destroyed the home of another user during their vacation rental stay. The renter caused significant damage to the home and turmoil for the vacation rental owner.

First off, our hearts go out to the owner of the vacation rental. I can only imagine what her life must be like right now. Not only is her vacation home destroyed but her trust-level must be shaken. We feel deeply for her.

The other point I want to make is that there is a significant difference between vacation rentals like this transaction and “timeshare” vacation rentals.

like this transaction and “timeshare” vacation rentals.  Renting a private residence from someone and renting a professionally managed timeshare from someone is vastly different from several standpoints. I have been talking about this for a year now. Timeshares are not only bigger in size and equipped with more amenities but they have an extra layer of security included. That extra layer of security is important for both parties.

It’s about risk.

I’ve heard people equate Airbnb to EBay in regards to “person to person transactions”. You’ve got it wrong. I’ve been using EBay for over 10 years buying and selling items. I have never had an issue but if I did, the worst I would be out is a video game or perhaps a little cash. (Yes, I know EBay and PayPal have these guarantees and all but like most insurance I’m assuming those guarantees work perfect for everyone except on the items I am buying or the situation I am in.) So worst case scenario, the Wii Carnival Game I bought arrives and it doesn’t work. I’ll try to get the situation rectified but if I can’t, I’ll get over it; I can “tolerate” it. I realize that going in that I can handle a $20 loss. There’s an inherent risk in this transaction; it’s about $20 or so.

Now let’s look at me renting my family’s beachfront cottage in Laguna, CA (I don’t have one btw). If I rented that on Airbnb or HomeAway and it got destroyed by the vacation renter, my family and I would face significant financial issues as well as personal issues dealing with our property loss. Our life would be upside down. It would be a rough time in the Arndt Household. I shudder to think of all my stuff getting stolen or ruined.

Timeshare Vacation Rentals

But I have successfully rented my beachfront timeshare in Kauai many times and if there was an issue I never knew about it; the resort handles it. My guests are always greeted at check-in by a company called Marriott; a world-class organization. They have it handled. They take all the proper measures to protect OUR place. They also have a team of people on the resort grounds as well as 24-hour security. You get my point? This is a completely different transaction. By engaging Marriott, I have managed my risk.

Management Companies for Vacation Rentals

Some people hire vacation rental Property Management Companies to handle the transaction. Many people opt to not hire them because of the fees involved – that’s taking a risk. But even when you do hire them, there’s no way that Management Company is hanging around all week to watch your place. They are not even doing drop-bys to ensure your renters are not stealing your granite countertops.

I’m not saying you should stay away from Airbnb or HomeAway for that matter. What I am saying is that you need to consider the risk when you do use them. And the risk is not the same as EBay. I’ll recover from an “EBay-based $30 video game debacle” but I’m not sure if I can rebound from a “$500,000 Vacation Rental in Laguna Beach getting ruined debacle”.

People are good; at TimeshareJuice we firmly believe that. This person that destroyed the home is a “bad apple”. There are bad apples out there. You are eventually going to encounter a bad apple in business. Consider what you have “at-risk” if the transaction goes sour. I, for one, can’t tolerate a risk that large so I’ll stick to timeshare vacation rentals.

My 3 Favorite Places to Eat in New York

dallas bbq

dallas bbqBack from one of my all-time favorite cities to not only visit but also live in – New York, NY. Manhattan is not only a lively place that “never sleeps” with amazing sights to see but also home to some of my favorite restaurants. If you are going to NY as a couple or as a family, it doesn’t matter, you’ll enjoy these eating destinations. These are “must-eat-ats” (I think I just coined that phrase!) every time we visit the Big Apple.

The meal we look forward to most in Manhattan is surprisingly not pizza. I know, that sounds crazy but it’s true. It’s actually barbeque; “Dallas BBQ“. When most people think barbeque they think about Texas and the South but “Dallas BBQ” does it right. We enjoy the vibe, the food, and the prices. It’s kid-friendly but also a great place for couples to get together and have a great time. My wife and I get the Chicken Special ($10 for 2 full meals!) which gives us each a half-barbequed chicken that is slow-roasted and tender. It includes crispy fries and delicious corn bread too. And the barbeque sauce…don’t get me started; It’s great! I suggest adding some hot sauce to really enhance the flavor. I can stand behind their ribs, burgers, and chicken tenders for the kids too. And remember, everything is bigger in Texas; That goes for the drinks. Fishbowl-sized margaritas and ice-cold beer make the meal even more fun. There are several Dallas BBQ locations in Manhattan but I suggest the Upper Westside Location on 72nd St. I’m biased because that also happens to be just a few blocks from where I used to live.

My second favorite restaurant is Benny’s Burritos. There are several locations but this time I suggest the Lower Westside location in the Village (Greenwich Village, that is). It’s got that great college and urban vibe. It also has delicious chips and salsa, over-sized and tasty burritos, and giant beverages. The food is fresh and really tasty. The beer is ice-cold and the margaritas are big enough to share; but I don’t.

We stayed with family this time so it wasn’t a timeshare vacation. But the Manhattan Club has a great famliy-friendly accommodations.

Lastly is Defonte’s on the Lower East Side. This place is about old-time classic New York and having good food. The original opened almost 90 years ago in Brooklyn. That was just too far to travel to get a sandwich. At Defonte’s you’ll love the over-stuffed “heros” (a New York term – not meaning the police and fire fighters) and authentic New York-Italian décor. In my opinion, a sandwich is only as good as the bread. If you don’t have great fresh bread, your sandwich will never make the cut; And Defonte’s gets that right. I suggest “The Sinatra” (No shock that they have a Sinatra Sandwich is it?), the Peppers (pronounced “peppas”) and Eggs Hero, and the hot roast beef (with fried eggplant and mozzarella).

Well, I did it. I got through an article about eating in New York without suggesting a pizza place. Just writing this and I am getting so hungry. The sad part is that I’m back in L.A. now and these places are nowhere in sight. I guess the next article should be about my favorite places to eat here in Southern California. Cheesecake Factory anyone?

Timeshare Rentals – My Timeshare Turns into a Vacation Rental

vacation rentalsEvery year my vacation needs change. Sometimes we want to go to Hawaii, sometimes we want to go to the East Coast, every once in a while we want to go further like Europe and sometimes we just want to stay local to California. Maybe that’s one of the things that attracted me to timeshare in the beginning.
Each year I get to choose what I want to do with my timeshare and where I want to go. Most people you ask think timeshare is about going to the same place each year. With my timeshare I choose whether I want to visit my home resort, rent my timeshare to someone for cash or exchange my timeshare for another timeshare and travel somewhere else in the world. And as time goes on, timeshare resort developers keep building new timeshares so I have more and more places to go. I think timeshare rentals is one of the least understood aspects of timeshare ownership.
One of the most common objections to owning a timeshare is “But I don’t want to go to the same place each year for vacation”. What most people don’t know is that not only is timeshare a fantastic vacation experience with more room and amenities than any hotel vacation but it’s also a very flexible vacation planning device. 
Since I carry a deed and pay property taxes, I am the owner of my timeshare and have the legal right to rent it to another party. And every so often I exercise that right. This year I am planning to rent my timeshare to someone else for cash. It’s a simple business transaction that I am well within my rights as an owner to do. Here’s how it works:
  • Step 1: Advertise My Timeshare – I can tell my friends by email or list my timeshare on a timeshare rental website. Since I own a platinum floating week (this means I can stay at my timeshare any week of the year) I tell people I can offer any week of the year and I set my price.
  • Step 2: Contract & Deposit – After I find my timeshare renter, I have them sign a simple rental agreement and pay me a deposit for the week that they want. This is basic business stuff.
  • Step 3: Make Reservation – I call my resort and tell them that “Mr. & Mrs. Jones” will be staying at my timeshare for the following dates. They are always excited to get new people to visit. I get that reservation mailed to me and mailed to my guests.
  • Step 4: Payment – Now that the reservation is made, I accept full payment for the timeshare. I take that money and use it for our vacation – whatever we might want to do this year.

After the vacation week, I always follow up with my guest to find out how much they loved staying at my timeshare. What’s really great is that the resort handles all the things that I don’t want to like check-in, security, and clean-up. I could never do as good a job as them anyway. If I had a private vacation home I would have to worry about getting them the keys or perhaps them not treating my house with care. With a timeshare, that’s all taken care of.

Our timeshare continues to be one of the most flexible vacation planning tools on the planet. Next year we will stay at our resort (we miss it), the following year we will exchange a timeshare with someone and stay at their timeshare, and the year after we might just rent it to someone who does not own a timeshare. See you on vacation!

So there you have it. Timeshare rentals is a simple business arrangement that anyone can handle. It’s a great aspect of owning a timeshare.

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(Caution: Using TimeshareJuice might cause you to laugh out loud. Your family will wonder what you’re up to.)

Join now: Guaranteed invite AND 3-night credit

trip rocker launch
As we get closer to the official launch of Trip Rocker, we wanted to make something clear to everyone:
  1. Trip Rocker will be “invite only”. To be clear, that means that to join Trip Rocker, you must have an invite code. You can only get an invite code from a current member. All members of Timeshare Juice (at the time of Trip Rocker launch) will be emailed an invite code to join Trip Rocker.
  2. Members get a 3-night credit. All members will be given a 3-night credit ($27) when they activate their new Trip Rocker account. That can be be used towards their first trade. This is to compensate you for the cost of your Timeshare Juice membership.

We received quite a few emails checking with us to ensure that this was in fact true so we realized that it might not be completely clear to everyone.

As we count down to the launch we will post further clarifying notes and tips. This is a very exciting time and we want to thank you for being part of it.

Please read: Update on the New & Improved Website.

trip rocker mobile mockup

Many of you are well aware that we’ve been hard at work building “enhancements for the Timeshare Juice website.” Well, I have some very good news. Not only are we close to being finished but the project has gone very well. I’d like to update you on what’s going on.

It’s entirely new.
After reviewing all the ideas and suggested changes, we decided pretty quickly we could not accomplish what we wanted by simply building on top of what we had. We knew we had to build an entirely new piece of software from the ground up. Our objective: Build a simple, easy way to trade vacations on the Internet. Not only is the new version easier to use but it is a lot of fun. We took an entirely new approach to how the vacation trading process should be. Here are some highlights:

1. More than just timeshares – We didn’t want to limit your travel options to just timeshare resorts. And we didn’t want to exclude owners of vacation homes, condos, and apartments from being part of the fun. We wanted a system for all vacation owners.
2. Improved trading:
* Matching – We envisioned a system that worked more intelligently to find you a great vacation where you want to go and when you want to go. We wanted software that provided a continuous flow of relevant high-quality vacation trading opportunities. We also wanted to be shown listings that were good matches. Search results begin by displaying properties where you want to go and the owner of that property wants to go where you own. Matches like that have the highest probability of being accepted by both sides.
* Trades- The existing offer system was too time-consuming. We streamlined it. And another improvement is that if you don’t like the current offer you received, you can counter offer rather than just decline it. Offers can go back and forth several times until both parties feel comfortable with the terms. That will increase the probability of offers being accepted.

We changed the name.
It didn’t make sense to call it Timeshare Juice anymore. Since we’re not limited to just timeshares, it was time for a name change. There were many ideas for a new name. We wanted a name that expressed our desire to lift timeshare and timeshare exchange beyond where it is today and give it its rightful place in the travel industry. Vacation ownership rocks and vacation trading, if done correctly, is awesome and can take you almost anywhere in the world. We wanted a name that expressed that.

TimeshareJuice is now Trip Rocker.

Trip Rocker is Invite only:
Oh, one more thing: Trip Rocker will launch invite-only. That means to join, you will need to be invited by a current member. Because we value your loyalty over the years, we are inviting all existing members to be part of Trip Rocker on Day 1. You will be the first ones in the door. Keep your eyes on your inbox. Invite emails will be coming soon.

Thank you for your loyalty. We look forward to working together to take vacation exchange to a new level.


Here are some screenshots of Trip Rocker:

New Trip Rocker Site: View your listing

Trade vacations on the go...

The Timeshare Banking System is Antiquated

timeshare banking - timeshare exchangeI’ve always considered the timeshare banking system in timeshare exchange to be constraining and limiting. Ever since I first began using the system over 10 years ago, I was always uncomfortable with the pressure to deposit my week ASAP in either Interval or RCI‘s timeshare banking. I knew that once I turned that over, I lost my week. There was no getting it back. The only thing I had now was a “credit” in the system for another week but only if what I wanted popped up. 

Is Timeshare Banking Outdated?

I’d say 50% of the time it didn’t “pop”. As time went on, I had less and less leverage and felt more pressure to “lower my standards” and pick something else from the bank. I was constantly thinking, I have to get a place first before I could book my airfare. If nothing comes up, you have to make other arrangements for a vacation. You keep the credit in the timeshare banking system but now you have to figure out how to use 2 weeks next year. 

Am I missing something here? How do you feel about “banking”?

The Best Day to Buy An Airline Ticket

airline ticket best deals

I have gone around and around on this for so long. And now that the airlines have invested heavily in technology and Big Data they have become incredibly efficient businesses (you rarely see an empty seat on a plane no matter what the time of day or where you’re headed…they’re all full). The airlines have gotten really smart and have gotten really profitable as a result. They know how many planes they need to handle all the flights and which ones to keep on the ground. This has helped them tremendously reduce costs and boost profitability. 

I’ve always been intrigued by the process of buying a ticket and trying to figure out the best time to make the purchase which is why this article from BT really caught my eye. 

Of all the questions I get asked by friends and family when I tell them that I’m Executive Editor at Budget Travel, the most frequent is: “When is the best day to buy airline tickets?”
The quick-and-dirty answer has traditionally been, “Tuesday” (thanks, in part, to a well-publicized finding by FareCompare.com, which went so far as to pinpoint 3 p.m. Eastern Time as the perfect ticket-purchase time on Tuesday). The more nuanced answer, of course, is, “It depends.”

Melisse Hinkle, travel expert and editor at Cheapflights.com, says “A lot of airlines post sales on Tuesdays that last up to 48 hours (or until the seats are gone), so the common belief is that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to shop for a flight. It is worth watching for such promotions in the hopes your destination of choice shows up for a fare sale.”

But Hinkle adds some nuance to the Tuesday-Wednesday theory of buying airline tickets, noting that airlines readjust their pricing overnight. “So early morning, any morning, might be the best time to browse for deals. Cheapflights.com also advises signing up for newsletters from multiple travel providers to track for sales, whether they fall on a Tuesday or any other day of the week.”

Read the article: 

Does anyone know when the best time to book a timeshare exchange on RCI or Interval World? Now that would be something if owners could figure that out, right? Here’s to your next great vacation!

20 Free Things to Do in Washington D.C

washington d.c.A friend told me on Monday that she was headed to DC to chaperone a class trip for her 8th grade daughter. How exciting, I thought. D.C. is a wonderful city (minus the politicians…just kidding) and there’s so much to do…and free things as well. Not 2 days later did I get this email about what to do in Washington D.C. And with the Cherry Blossoms exploding with life, this truly is a wonderful time to visit D.C.

Let freedom ring! Did you know that amid the trappings of office, pomp and ceremony, and glitz and glamor of Washington, D.C., you’ll find more high-quality freebies than anywhere else on earth? Who’s ready to binge on cherry blossoms, food, art, dinosaurs, astronauts—and a 45-carat diamond?

Timeshare Resort in Nearby Maryland:
Wyndham Vacation Resorts At National Harbor

Full Article: Read more:

Visit Washington D.C. and save money on lodging costs by doing a timeshare exchange from RCI, Interval International, or Timeshare Juice.

Mexico Vacation: Photos to Inspire

mexico timeshare

Hey Timeshare Juice members, I found some great photos of Mexico. I’ll agree with you that some of these places are not exactly tourist friendly but you have to admit the photos do make you want to go there.

From the spectacular Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza to the crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean, the only possible problem with visiting Mexico is deciding where to start. Here are the best photos of this fascinating country.

Timeshares in Mexico Available Right Now:
The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta

Pueblo Bonito Rose Spa & Resort

The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort

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Dictator Tourism?

dictator tourism travelI am sharing this more as an interesting story and less as an idea for timeshare travel (I don’t think many dictators owned timeshare. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for someone to convert these estates into timeshare exchange resorts).  It’s called Dictator Tourism and it’s a new idea for travel.

Dictator Tourism

I’ve always been a bit fascinated how these infamous dictators lived fat lifestyles off the backs of their people. Now we can get the chance to see how these ruthless dictators lived up close. Imagine experiencing the opulence of Stalin.

Dictator Tourism – Not For Everyone

Ever thought about sleeping in the same room as a former dictator? Some of the world’s most fearsome leaders resided in grand properties that have since been converted into hotels. So, you can spend the night in dictators’ homes around the globe. Read entire article here

Exchange timeshares

6 Charming & Affordable European Cities

You’ll get a warm welcome, find stylish steals, and enjoy food, wine, fashion, and culture that’s second to none in these intimate European metropolises.

Belgium timeshares:


A foodie destination in England’s heartland…Anybody visiting a city from which both J.R.R. Tolkien and Ozzy Osbourne sprang should be prepared for a dose of cognitive dissonance, and Birmingham (or “Brum,” as it’s affectionately known in the U.K.) delivers, with canals (yup, they surprised us, too), more contemporary architecture than you might expect from a sixth-century city, and a foodie scene that has earned more Michelin stars than any U.K. city other than London.


WHY BIRMINGHAM IS SECOND TO NONE. In a word, food. But we don’t mean nearby Cadbury World (though we have a fondness for any tour that hands out free chocolate!) or that justifiably popular Birmingham fixture, the Custard Factory. These days, this town is more about innovative cuisine and locally sourced ingredients. The Balti style of cooking Kashmiri curries—in small, artisanal batches rather than in one enormous pot—was developed here in the 1970s, and an entire district, the Balti Triangle, serves up tasty varieties at bargain prices at restaurants such as Al Frash. Celeb chef Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian dishes out heaping plates of wild-rabbit tagliolini and crab spaghettini. And for contemporary riffs on classic English dishes, there’s a lot to love about, well, Loves; Steve and Claire Love’s waterfront restaurant has been wowing U.K. food critics with dishes like (vegetarians, avert your eyes) Warwickshire venison and Gloucestershire pig’s head.

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Read entire article: 6 Charming & Affordable European Cities

Anyone Visited Ireland? This makes me want to go…

Seen here: “Dunguaire Castle was not on our list of places to see; we just happened to stumble upon it on our drive from Galway to Killarney, Ireland. Finding lesser-known attractions along the journey is why we always rent a car when we vacation!”

Courtesy of Budget Travel

“Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland.” (Courtesy MorganPaar/myBudgetTravel)

Timeshares to check out in Ireland: Clare Timeshare At Fishermans Lodges

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Pairc An Callan Resort.

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Top 10 Indoor Water Parks in the U.S.

I read this fun article and wanted to share. If you have kids this is a great one to post and check off as you visit each one. I cross checked it against the Juice Resort Database and found there are many resorts in these locations so if you’re interested, you could exchange timeshares and get to see them.

No matter how cold it gets outside, you’ll always find temperatures in the 80s in these indoor water parks, where you can do everything from surfing 35-mph waves to riding a lazy river, water-park style.

Wilderness Territory Waterpark ResortWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Four distinct parks make up this massive 600-acre resort, which stays a balmy 88 degrees regardless of the temperature outside. It may take several seasons to experience all of the rides here, but the park’s tour de force is the Hurricane—a family raft ride that drops 58 feet then spins into a funnel that mimics a hurricane in enough detail (lightning and fog machine alert!) to be as terrifying as it is fun. Kids and adults alike attest that filling up the kiddie pool with “Bumper Boats” was a sheer stroke of genius, and a word to the wise: The Great Wave—a 15,450-square-foot wave pool that pits swimmers against five-foot swells—is addictive. There’s also Christmas Mountain Village in Wisconsin Dells nearby.

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark, Boyne Falls, Michigan
In Michigan’s northwestern region, Boyne is best known as a ski escape. But the area is also home to the 88,000-square-foot Avalanche Bay, where skiers often thaw out in the 84-degree temperatures. Adventure-seekers should head to the South Wall, a 25-foot-high climbing wall that pours H2O on daredevils attempting to summit. Those keen to stay on the ground should listen for the Splasherhorn’s rumblings—the four-story play structure dumps 800 gallons of water on passers-by throughout the day. The park is also home to Michigan’s only surf simulator, the Rip Zone, where guests can try either stand-up surfing or boogie boarding.

There’s also Mountain Run at Boyne in Boyne Falls, Michigan

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