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Exchange timeshares for free. No listing fees. No exchange fees. 4,600 timeshare resorts.

timeshare-exchangetimeshare exchangeSearch for and select your resort. List your timeshare for exchange and rent and get offers for both. Create a title and add a few lines to personalize it, and you’re ready to make and accept offers. timeshare-exchangeexchange timeshareNow find resorts you want to visit. Select “Make offer to Exchange”. Make as many offers for different timeshares as you want. The first person to accept your offer wins. The other offers are voided. timeshare-exchangeaccept-timeshare-exchangeView offers in your personalized portal (My Dashboard). Accept or Decline with one click. No emails, no phone calls, and no waiting for months hoping your exchange company remembers to call you back.


Exchange Timeshare


RCI and Interval have lots and lots of fees. We don’t. They want to charge you over $250 per year to exchange just one timeshare. Before you trade your timeshare, compare our services.

After Offer is Accepted:

Once the offer is accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation from us. At that point you’ll make a reservation for the party at your resort. They’ll make a reservation for you at their resort. Both parties get confirmation of their reservation. That’s it.

 About “Juice”

“Juice” is the rating system we use here at TimeshareJuice. Juice can be received, given, and even taken away.

  • Earn Juice by listing timeshares, making offers, rating resorts and other fun stuff. The more you do, the more Juice you earn.
  • Give Juice to resorts with a high rating. Take away Juice with a low rating.

What is Timeshare Exchange?

Timeshare Exchange Book

Download this free book now and learn to exchange your timeshare for free.

Timeshare exchange is the trading of timeshare weeks between timeshare owners so that they can vacation at each other’s resorts. It’s a fun and exciting way for timeshare owners to travel the world. Learn more about how to list and exchange your timeshare for free.

Download the free guide “How to Exchange Your Timeshare for Free” now.

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