Timeshare Rentals: Make Money with Your Timeshare in 2012

There are so just so many timeshares being wasted right now. The industry calls them “spoilage”, I call that a shame. These timeshares are high quality accommodations that millions of people would leap at the chance to use but the problem lies in timeshare rentals familyeducation and distribution. Timeshare owners don’t know how or where to list their timeshare for rent. And in 2012 our goal at TimeshareJuice is to solve both and get these timeshare rentals in the hands of happy vacationers.

Timeshare owners are uninformed about the different options to use their timeshare. Resorts that sold the timeshare to them didn’t feel the need to spend much time on education because their first priority is selling timeshares. As a result, most timeshare owners don’t know they even have the option of renting timeshares on their own. Over time, timeshare owners get frustrated with the process of ownership and their reaction is to just sell. Unfortunately, that brings more frustration because selling a timeshare “ain’t easy”. The market is flooded and their just isn’t enough demand in the timeshare resale market. You won’t get much, if anything, for your timeshare if you are trying to sell it.

The other problem is distribution. If you know that you can rent your timeshare and make money, the next thing you have to decide is where you can list it for rent. There are companies that will coldcall you at home and make huge promises about how much money they can make for you if you just list your timeshare with them. Don’t do it at any price! Once they have your money, that’s the last you’ll hear. The other option is to list it on your own. In that space, you have websites like HomeAway, VRBO, and eBay. Those services can be pricey and they’re also not specific to timeshares. They’re aimed at the vacation rental market, not specifically timeshares and while there are similarities, they are not the same at all. Pricing is also an issue. Paying $300 to list a one week timeshare is really cost-prohibitive. It’s reasonable if you own a vacation property for the entire year but not for 1 week at a timeshare resort.

Timeshare is quite flexible and one of the things I enjoy is being able to make money with my timeshare. But you have to know how to create an effective listing and where to list your timeshare for rent. There’s lots to know, for sure. I hope this was helpful.


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